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Rohit Rohra
A professional stock market trader, with expertise in Intraday trading, and an active social media presence in education and guiding budding traders.
Rohit Rohra
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I have an organization under the name of VP financials, that has a YouTube channel with over 255k subscribers. Me and my organization aim to impart the knowledge and skill that I have acquired with over 12 years of experience in the field of stock market. My curiosity and a knack for financial field gave a start to my journey in the area of stock market at a very young age, since then I have self taught, learned, experimented, and explored every aspect of trading to develop and curate a tangible and optimum approach to the field of stock market.

I at VP financials aim to provide the guidance and mentorship that most traders are in pursuit of, but deprived of, to help every trader out there get the right direction and the head start that is needed to boost their career in today's market.

VP financials is now a full grown institution and well known name in the field of share market and intraday trading, but every esteemed organisation needs a strong foundation, like roots that uphold a fruitful tree. For VP financials these roots run deep and started their rise at a very early age.

Rohit Rohra the founder of VP financials, was just in class 11 when he was first introduced to the world of stock market and trading. It started as a simple project of investing money in the market, confused at the age, he sought help from one of his family friends who used to work in angel broking. He ended up investing 10k as an experiment. After a year Rohit was informed that he had gained a whopping 36% on his investment. This sparked a curious flash in his mind. He wondered if he could gain such a profit without any prior knowledge or investment of time and effort, what fruits would he bear if he learned about the field and committed himself to the market. This small flash of curiosity was the beginning of what later would be known as VP financials.

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But the journey to achieve your dreams is harder than it looks. What looked like an interesting and potential field to pursue, was still an unknown battleground. Finding someone who understood the market and was interested in teaching about the same was important yet impossible. The Indian circumstances back then weren't blessed with guides and mentors, such as VP financials.After trying out almost every path in pursuit of knowledge, struggling for years to learn the fundamentals, and almost quitting on the dream, with much difficulty Rohit finally found an US based mentor who taught price action trading. But that source of education came with its own terms and conditions.

Rohit always aimed to be an expert intraday trader, the course offered by the US based mentor was a road towards how to be an investor. The course did help to get familiar with the basics, but the journey to his goal was something Rohit had to achieve on his own. Thus began a progressive struggle to achieve the learning curve that was needed in order to achieve what he aspired for. Starting from monthly charts, Rohit made systematic advances in the field of intraday trading. Years of self educating experience finally paid off, since 2018 Rohit has managed a successful shift to 5 minute and even 1 minute charts, and now has established a name for his firm VP financials.

VP financials aim to provide the same guidance and support to all the trading aspirants that Rohit wanted to find in his early days as a trader. VP financials believe that what we take from the society, should also be used to deliver it back to the society. With over 10 years of accumulated experience, VP financials strive to pass on this experience and skill to budding traders and help them get a head start towards the empowerment of their goals.

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